Changing Lightbulbs or Paradigms

Dr. Ross gave this talk on September 29, 2011 as part of a panel discussion hosted by Texas Green Network, examining:

  • the Big Picture of water quality and availability in Central Texas, in light of climate change and predictive scientific models
  • how the production of electricity from conventional power plants (nuclear, coal-fired, etc.) place significant demands on water quantity compared with water quantity demands from renewable energy sources
  • human health and fluoride, chlorine
  • actionable items for concerned citizens

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What would you drink if the well went dry?

A presentation Dr. Ross delivered before residents of Haskell County, at the First Baptist Church of Paint Creek on September 9, 2011 in response to the proposed Tenaska coal-fired power plant.
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Radical Water Solutions

On August 17, 2011, Dr. Ross spoke to members of the natural building community, of the transition town community, and of Design~Build~Live at House + Earth in downtown Austin. Topics covered:

  • Drinking water contaminants and simple practices to create pure safe drinking water
  • Best practices for graywater, rainwater, composting toilets
  • Policy barriers that interfere with some of these practices

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Safe Drinking Water

Dr. Ross spoke before the City of Sunset Valley mayor, city council and citizens on June 19, 2011, focusing only on human health issues associated with potable drinking water and not the myriad consequences to soil biology, fish and other aquatic organisms resulting from human water contamination. Topics covered:

  • Drinking water contaminants (pathogens, toxic metals, organic chemicals) and associated human diseases; simple practices to create pure safe drinking water
  • Austin’s Drinking Water Quality (2010 report)
  • Answers to questions posed by council and citizens

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Aerated Compost Tea

Dr. Ross gave this presentation at City of Austin’s One Texas Center on February 24, 2011, hosted by Capital Area Erosion Control Network and Sustainable Site Designs. All terrestrial life relies upon soil microorganisms to transform minerals into nutrients, break down toxic chemicals, control disease, and support plant growth. Aerated compost tea is a brewed liquid of billions of micro-organisms applied to soil and plants to support these essential micro-soil processes. Aerated compost tea applications can be used to enhance the effectiveness of biofilter and vegetated systems to treat storm runoff. Covered topics include the fundamental science of aerated compost tea, discuss best methods, and provide a hands-on demonstration of small scale brewing.
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