Stream and riparian restoration

Stream and riparian restoration: Lick Creek

Glenrose Engineering worked with the citizens’ group “Guardians of Lick Creek” to remove sediment and algae from a stretch of creek in rural western Travis County. Glenrose Engineering developed and implemented a field plan within the group’s limited budget. The riparian sediment removed from the creek was used to restore degraded Glen Rose soils in the riparian zone. Restored soils were seeded with native grasses.

Stream and riparian restoration: Bull Creek

Glenrose Engineering is planning and supervising removal of invasive plants, stabilizing eroding soils, and planting native grasses, forbs, and trees along a segment of West Bull Creek impacted by adjacent apartment construction.

Stream and riparian restoration: Pease Park

Glenrose Engineering is part of the team to improve water quality in Shoal Creek, limit erosion along its banks, and repair the damage to the park’s soils and vegetation. Our work includes designing systems to treat storm runoff and recommending methods to improve soils, increase infiltration, and create native habitat.