Biofilter: Sunset Valley City Hall

Glenrose Engineering designed one of the first biofilter systems in central Texas, and established many biofilter design standards. Because of their efficiency and ease of maintenance, biofilters are currently a preferred storm runoff treatment option in many kinds of urban areas.

Biofilter: Sunset Valley Homestead Shopping Center

Glenrose Engineering was the preliminary engineering designer for a combined biofiltration and wet pond to treat storm runoff from the 30-acre shopping center. The design was presented as an alternative to strict compliance with pollution removal standards; and to meet the developer’s requirement for an aesthetic amenity. Key project elements included:

  • integration of pond and biofilter elements to maximize performance;
  • plant selections to reduce excessive nutrient loads, enhance aesthetics; and
  • a rain water catch system to enhance creek baseflow.

Biofilter: Lundelius tract

This City of Austin retrofit project cleans up polluted storm runoff before it recharges Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer. The storm runoff treatment system uses a unique combination of:

  • sedimentation;
  • biofiltration; and
  • vegetated filters.

Biofilter: Fort Branch Creek, East Austin

Glenrose Engineering performed preliminary and design calculations for two biofilter systems to treat storm runoff. Project design required:

  • completion within strict grade;
  • available space constraints; and
  • accommodation an existing residential neighborhood.

Constructed wetland: Twin Oaks Community Foods

Glenrose Engineering is designing a constructed wetland to treat Twin Oaks Community Foods tofu production wastewater. Project elements include:

  • characterizing wastewater nutrients and oxygen demand;
  • terraced hillside construction to save energy by taking advantage of an opportunity for gravity flow;
  • testing the relative effectiveness of alternative microbiotic communities; and
  • a project to test methane production potential.

Constructed wetpond: Oak Springs

Oak Springs Wet Pond. Glenrose Engineering was lead designer for the Oak Springs wet pond, a project by the City of Austin to provide storm runoff treatment in an existing storm detention facility. Key project elements included:

  • preserving an existing wetlands system;
  • accommodating proposed soccer fields and a retirement home;
  • calculating supplemental water requirements during dry periods; and
  • providing an educational opportunity for students in an adjacent elementary school.

Site remediation: Post-Katrina New Orleans

In September and October of 2005, and June of 2006, Glenrose Engineering provided community-scale remediation services for toxic soils using aerobic and anaerobic microbes, fungi and plants, followed by sampling and testing. Cleanup of fuels, chlorinated organic compounds and toxic metals was a crucial part of re-establishing safer, healthier neighborhoods after Hurricane Katrina.

Stream and riparian restoration: Lick Creek

Glenrose Engineering worked with the citizens’ group “Guardians of Lick Creek” to remove sediment and algae from a stretch of creek in rural western Travis County. Glenrose Engineering developed and implemented a field plan within the group’s limited budget. The riparian sediment removed from the creek was used to restore degraded Glen Rose soils in the riparian zone. Restored soils were seeded with native grasses.

Stream and riparian restoration: Bull Creek

Glenrose Engineering is planning and supervising removal of invasive plants, stabilizing eroding soils, and planting native grasses, forbs, and trees along a segment of West Bull Creek impacted by adjacent apartment construction.

Stream and riparian restoration: Pease Park

Glenrose Engineering is part of the team to improve water quality in Shoal Creek, limit erosion along its banks, and repair the damage to the park’s soils and vegetation. Our work includes designing systems to treat storm runoff and recommending methods to improve soils, increase infiltration, and create native habitat.